Featured Destination – Hotel TerraVina, New Forest

Hotel TerraVina is a beautiful hotel that is situated in the New Forest.  It is a gorgeous place and is actually run by Gerard and Nina Basset.  Both of them are very dear people to me and Nina and I have shared plenty of chats over coffee discussing all manner of things.  Therefore, this blog would not be right without mentioning both them and the wonderful hotel they have built.

The trouble with this blog is finding where to start though.  In honesty there are so many things I could write about Hotel TerraVina, but obviously we only have a limited space and this isn’t a novel so I will try and keep things succinct!

Hotel TerraVina, New Forest


This delightful hotel is somewhere I have enjoyed wonderful food, great wines and stupendous sleep!  In fact, it is without doubt one of my favourite places for all three of these things.  Aside from the location, which is literally right in the New Forest (you often see ponies and even cattle dotted about), the service is second to none.  I know I have always gone on and on about how great the place is, but that’s because as an avid traveller I have stayed in all manner of places around the world.

I can’t explain it, but when I think of TerraVina, I think of peace.  There’s no annoying music in the restaurant when you eat, there’s a smile to greet you when you arrive, the staff are accommodating and you get the feeling that their job is not actually ‘just a job’ at all!

Equally, the events that are held at TerraVina are refreshingly unique!  They host a series of wine events over the year (will explain this in a moment), as well as some enjoyable lunch events.  You can also book into the restaurant for lunch through the week or at the weekend, so even if you are not staying in the hotel you can still enjoy a peaceful afternoon and a bite to eat.




Now, the wine connection is down to Gerard Basset OBE.  Gerard is a World Champion Sommelier (although I should point out he has a multitude of other accolades too) and as you can imagine is a man in demand when it comes to his knowledge.  You can find out more about Gerard Basset by clicking the link to the hotel…







Nina Basset I consider one of my most amazing friends…She used to be an AA inspector (the youngest in it’s history actually) and what she does not know about creating great service is not worth knowing!  Aside from being a very talented business woman (and she really is), she is also a great writer and writes the entertaining TerraVina blog about the hotel AND she writes a lovely blog about Marmite Malmsey her gorgeous Boxer dog!



Useful Info about the Hotel

The Hotel is situated in a prime position to reach places like Lyndhurst, the New Forest, Lymington, Southampton, Brockenhurst and a number of other places in the area, so as a place to stay for enjoying the New Forest this is a perfect location!

The hotel offers periodic special mid-week rates and has other special breaks too, so if you look at the right time you can get a wonderful rate on a stay here.  You just have to be quick though because as you can imagine when the offers arise they get booked up really quickly!

A few specifics

Location: Woodlands, Netley Marsh, Southampton

Pet Friendly: No (Nina and Gerard do love dogs but sadly some guests don’t:-))

Provisions: Beautiful restaurant that serves wonderful lunches and stunning evening meals

Website: www.hotelterravina.co.uk

My opinion

The Hotel TerraVina is by far one of the most superior places to stay in the New Forest.  That’s not of course saying that other places aren’t up to scratch, but I really think you get a very special treatment at TerraVina I’ve not seen or experienced anywhere else.  I’ve stayed at 5 star hotels plenty of times and always get the feeling that the staff have been programmed to be ‘nice’.  This is not the case at TerraVina and the only way you’ll discover that is by making a visit!